More Options for You

As a practitioner and professional in the mind and body space, you pride yourself on the unique experience you provide, the customised and tailored approach and those great, personal learning moments that you share with your client. This is the main bread and butter of the way in which you give value to clients and generate income for yourself.

But do you ever find yourself…

… wishing that you could take your approaches, methods and tools and make them available to a larger audience?

…. repeating follow-up questions, suggestions and actions from one client to another, in an ad hoc way,  that you know could be streamlined into a tool?

… thinking about creating brief aides and tip cards that could double-up as learning moments and promotional materials for your services?

…wishing you had the time and design-thinking to make some of the content and information you send to clients, look, read or just translate better than a simple email?

I am a learning and development specialist with over 17 years of experience – particularly in instructional design.

What does this mean? It means that I have a particular knack in designing learning experiences for a targeted audience, to help close their knowledge, skill or information gap.

How does that help you? I can take your content, concepts, ideas, head-chat, half-baked ideas, pearls of wisdom, models, tools and approaches and translate them into tools that you can share with your clients.