Are you curious?

In my recent blog on Lifelong Learning I mentioned curiosity and the important role it plays in helping us to keep learning throughout our lives. I decided to do some research into all things curious and here are my top ten resources.

  1. What is curiosity?  – 1minute 40 second animated video on what is curiosity

  2. 755 quotes on curiosity – Albert Einstein famously said: ““I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

  3. Why is curiosity important and how can you achieve it? – a great little blog with simple things you can do to be more curious

  4. 8 habits of curious people – We are born curious, but when answers are valued more than questions, we forget how to ask. Here’s how to relearn an old habit.

  5. Vsauce – the ultimate curiosity channel

  6. How Curious are you? – only use if you are willing to briefly join this dating site to get the results of your assessment.

  7. CQ – Curiosity Quotient – curiosity is as important as intelligence

  8. Why curious people are destined for the C-Suite – When asked recently to name the one attribute CEOs will need most to succeed in the turbulent times ahead, Michael Dell, the chief executive of Dell, Inc., replied, “I would place my bet on curiosity.”

  9. How to be a lifelong learner – “The other day, I was in the grocery store. I overheard a cart-bound little kid asking his mom question after question. “Mom, why do they put so many apples out at once?” he asked as they browsed the produce section. “Mom, what’s Ocean Spray?” he speculated from one aisle over.”

  10. Images are great at sparking curiosity – here is mine – what’s yours?

    An image that sparks my curiosity
    The bridge between Denmark and Sweden dips into a tunnel.