My team keep dropping the ball

You are a startup or a small business. No you are a micro business. In fact you are minute – you are so small that you only have one employee who also doubles as your wife/husband or boy/girlfriend. Whatever your circumstances I’m going to give you a quick tool for managing people who aren’t doing what you want, when you want it and how you want it unless you are there to prompt them. You are tired of this repeated cycle and and need to put something in place so you don’t have to add this to the million and one other things you have to do.


What can you do?

  • Create a checklist for critical deliverables or repeated tasks
  • Use a basic excel spreadsheet or task tool – there are loads on the market like  TrelloDrop Task or HiTask
  • Get the task owner to create the checklist so you can see what they already know
  • Fill in the bits they’ve missed out and talk it through together
  • Ask them to use the task list as a quality-checking process each time they do that process
  • Review the checklist periodically to ensure they are sticking to it
  • Use the checklist to recognise, praise and/or reward them when they stick to it consistently
  • The checklist can also be a way to draw attention to quality areas they are not being careful enough about
  • Revise it together when you need to

This should help to create some process, alignment, discipline and quality when you aren’t there to keep checking.

Click here to check out a brief learning module on this topic.


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