This page lists some services and products that I am happy to give away for free. I do this to help practice my skills, keep my experience up to date, get testimonials from happy clients and also – if I am not working then its better than doing nothing right!?

I change this periodically so be sure to check back


2 hours with you, your team and your challenges

Having some performance challenges with your team, struggling to get your people to engage or respond to your needs, want to put the team back in team or introduce it in the first place, been churning butter on a particular issue? I can spend 2 hours helping you resolve any team challenges. Two people can be a team so don’t worry about how large or small your team is.


1 hour on you and your development

Lets spend an hour on you – whatever topic you want so long as its about your development in some shape or form. Two heads are better than one and its always helpful to allocate some dedicated time to explore something that could be holding you back, causing you anxiety or an area of inspiration.


3 learning lists on your topics of choice

Do you have some key skill areas you want to develop skills in for you or your team? The web is full of amazing free resources for you to leverage but sometimes it’s tough to know where to look, what to trust and how to shape it together. Give me your 3 topics and I will pull together quick learning links you can access for free immediately.


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