I have made a few assumptions in thinking of the best way to work with you…

  • You have no money or very little to spend on learning
  • You need quick results and can’t afford for them to be taken away from work to develop skills
  • You may only have as little as one or even half of an employee

Have a look at the list below or just get in touch and lets talk.

Identifying your people’s learning needs

I can identify the skills your people need to perform better at their job or specific tasks and shape this into a brief report for you with an outline of the best way for them to fill those skill gaps.

Designing a learning plan

I can create a plan for your people that pulls together a list of learning resources  to help them develop their skills in areas that you’ve recognised they need help with.

Transferring knowledge or skills  from one to many

You may have knowledge or skills in your head,  that you would like other people in your team to be able to also do. I can help you to download this content into learning resources that are easy to share with multiple people.

Making a big learning topic small and bite-sized

If you have a new skill area, knowledge or technical expertise that you want your team to develop but you think its too large a topic to cover in one go or have a concern that people will not be able to digest it and do it well, I can chunk this down into bite-sized learning over a period of time that they can engage with, learn on the job, practice and be tested against.

Creating a learning environment

Startups are natural learning environments but sometimes it is tough to get people to really get the best out of this because they don’t often know that they are developing themselves in lots of micro informal ways. I can help to bring awareness and implement ways of increasing knowledge and skill share in the team.


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